*Special* #39 - Emma Stone

Full Name:  Emily Jean Stone
D.o.B.(+/- Pea): 6/11/88 (-4)
Nationality: American
Character Ref: Olive Penderghast (Easy A)
Notes: Born & bred in Arizona before moving to LA to pursue an acting career aged only 15.  Went up against Hayden Pantie.....Panettie........Pantenne.....the cheerleader from Heroes but (obviously) didn't get the gig.  Quite glad she didn't as she's proven her acting talents fly far higher than TV standards (sorry, TV, but everyone's already saying it behind your back, at least I have the guts to tell it to your face....).  Is soon to play Spidey's first love Gwen Stacey in the upcoming hip reboot, entitled "500 Days Of Spidey".  While it's common knowledge how big a fan I was/am of MJ Parker, I do believe my allegiances may change upon the films release as it's quite safe to say I am crushing HARD on Emma Stone right now....
Must-see Moment: Any of them. Breathtakingly pretty in pretty much ANYTHING, but might I suggest watching her dance around her room all weekend singing 'Pocket Full Of Sunshine' in Easy A?

LOOKS: 9.5

Ladies and gentlemen - we have a NEW TOP HOT TRUMP!!!!!


#38 - Talulah Riley

Full Name:  Talulah Jane F. R. Riley-Milburn (yeah I'm not saying that...)
D.o.B.(+/- Pea): 26/9/85 (-1)
Nationality: English
Character Ref: Marianne (The Boat That Rocked)
Notes: Standard middle-English privileged actress fare - born in Hertfordshire; father was former head of the National Crime Squad, now works as a screenwriter and has written for The Bill.  Attended schools with names like 'Haberdasher's Aske's School For Girls'.  Studied maths, physics & economics via Open University.  now married to the 40-year-old founder of PayPal.  In the vein of Mrs Merton, I wonder what first attracted her to multi-billionaire Elon Musk.....
Must-see Moment: I must admit, the only thing I've seen her in is The Boat That Rocked; she also played a blonde projection in Inception, but I was too busy having my mind blown by Nolan's masterpiece to notice.  She's also appeared in such travesties as 'St Trinians 2: The Legend of Fritton's Gold', and Doctor Who.  Something about her in that 60s getup in 'Boat' however really grabbed me.  That was a style and a half.  Shame we can't go back.  Great lips.

LOOKS: 7.3

#37 - Carey Mulligan

Full Name:  Carey Hannah Mulligan
D.o.B.(+/- Pea): 28/5/85 (-1)
Nationality: English
Character Ref: Kathy H (Never Let Me Go)
Notes: Mother is from Llandeilo in West Wales.  Due to her father's job, lived in expensive hotels for eight years whilst growing up.  Was rejected by three drama schools on her UCAS form.  Temporarily dated Shia "nonononono" LaBeouf.
Must-see Moment: When she lost the love of her life to the ultimately inferior Keira Knightley in Never Let Me Go, I wished I'd been written into the book to be the comforting best friend.  I would totally complete for her (no innuendo).

LOOKS: 9.2 (the .2 are for her dimples)

#36 - Emily Blunt

Full Name:  Emily Olivia Leah Blunt
D.o.B.(+/- Pea): 23/2/83 (+1)
Nationality: English
Character Ref: Elise Sellas (The Adjustment Bureau)
Notes: Discovered by an agent while attending a 6th Form college in Surrey.  Her father is one of the highest-profile barristers in the UK; her paternal uncle is a conservative MP for Reigate.  Used to date Michael BublĂ© (got a lotta love for ol' Mickey Bubbles); now married to Jim "Big Tuna" Halpert from the US version of the Office, John Krasinski.
Must-see Moment: The archetypal English Rose seemed to start off playing bit-parts in US movies, usually as the annoying receptionist or mental best friend - strangely less attractive in those....  But I found her pretty darn hot as a ballet dancing smart-arse in 'The Adjustment Bureau', a film which my friend Andy described as "...a challenging film that makes you ask deep questions, such as 'who that?', 'what's happening?' and 'Eh?!'..."

LOOKS: 8.5 (just look at that photo...wow.)

#35 - Katherine Heigl

Full Name: Katherine Heigl
D.o.B.(+/- Pea): 24/11/78 (+6)
Nationality: American
Character Ref: She's only really played one character....
Notes: She's the girl all girls can associate with.  Apparently.  Started her career as a child model.  Raised a in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  Hopes to "...find [her] way back to Mormonism when [she] gets older and a little less selfish."
Must-see Moment: Any of the films where she plays a loveable but luckless-in-love thirtysomething who just wants to meet the man of her dreams and settle down.  She's basically a female me in 10 years.  Strangely, although she is breathtakingly beautiful, it's a kind of 'quiet pretty' that it's taken me a few chick-flicks to fully appreciate.  I don't wanna oversell her; she's an easy 7 but a potential 8.  I can't believe I typed that.  What kind of shallow chauvinist have I become?!!

LOOKS: 7.9

#34 - Laura Prepon

Full Name: Laura Prepon
D.o.B.(+/- Pea): 7/3/80 (+4)
Nationality: American
Character Ref: Donna Pinciotti (That '70s Show)
Notes: Was in hit indie flick 'Slackers'.  Currently lives in New Jersey (well that's one reason to go there...).  Voiced a character in Halo 2 ("Red Headed Marine In Tunnel" - I remember her well....).  Seems to have done a lot of Maxim (but then when you look like THAT why wouldn't you??).   Currently co-habiting with Christopher Masterson (Francis from Malcolm In The Middle).
Must-see Moment: Looks beautiful as a blonde, but won my heart as the redhead nextdoor during, well, every single episode of That '70s Show.  Panties! Glorious panties!!

LOOKS: 8.1

#33 - Taylor Swift

Full Name:  Taylor Alison Swift
D.o.B.(+/- Pea): 13/12/89 (-5)
Nationality: American
Character Ref: Herself
Notes: Country-pop singer-songwriter and apparently actress.  No, I muse admit, she was pretty funny on SNL, and in that terrible RomCom my cinema club friends forced me to watch.  She's pretty talented, and dammit if her songs aren't just that little bit catchy.  Especially that one about Romeo & Juliet - makes me wanna pump my fist.
Raised as a Baptist - now we're getting somewhere.  Wrote a 350-page novel over the summer holidays when she was 12.  She's got that 'there's something about that girl but i can't quite put my finger on it' look about her.  That I like.
Must-see Moment: Being basically attacked by Kanye West.  No sorry, that wasn't funny.  Well it was, but I felt really sorry for her.  Her other great moment was dancing like a lunatic in that terrible movie (which Google has just informed me was called 'Valentine's Day' - I just called it 'The Film With All The Beautiful Women In It' which I think would have helped it sell more tickets but hey, hindsight's 20/20....)

LOOKS: 7.9

#32 - Lyndsy Fonseca

Full Name:  Lyndsy Marie Fonseca
D.o.B.(+/- Pea): 7/1/87 (-3)
Nationality: American
Character Ref: Katie Deauxma - Kick-Ass
Notes: Seems to be a standard child-actress story.  Born in B.F. Nowhere, Middle-America,  moved to LA to film a pilot aged only 13.  Also plays Ted's daughter on the hilarious US sitcom I totally missed the boat on, 'How I Met Your Mother'.  
Must-see Moment: Seem to remember some point with pyjamas in Kick-Ass that made me forget about superheroes....

LOOKS:  8.0

*SPECIAL* #31 - Ellen Page

So here we are. Hot Trumps' second ever *SPECIAL*, and I don't think there's anyone more deserving than the beautiful, talented, hilarious Miss Ellen Page. With Zooey off and married and being all musically successful etc (not that I'm at all bitter), I think this little lady might just pip her to my own personal top spot at the moment. Of course, none of the 'Trumps' are in any sort of rank order, and I'll keep my own top 10 to myself...

Full Name: Ellen Philpotts-Page
D.o.B.(+/- Pea): 21/2/87 (-3)
Nationality: Canadian

Character Ref: Juno MacGuff - Juno
Notes: I first saw Ellen portraying pedophile-hunting vigilante Hayley Stark in Hard Candy (2005) in which she was amazing (the bits I could watch, anyway....). Quite a baptism of fire, especially for someone as young as she was; there was probably a risk of her being typecast into roles in 'serious' movies. Luckily, she seemed to want to go on to more light hearted and comedic roles. To then go on to play a mutant, a pregnant teen and a roller-derby queen is more than impressive.
According to Wiki, which is of course an irrefutable source of evidence, as a child she enjoyed playing with action figures and climbing trees. It's this tomboy nature combined with her animated acting style and sometimes graceful womanly charm that really caught my attention. That, and the quirky, independent, confident roles she seems to have played in recent times. That's pretty much all I want in a girl. Amazing.

Must-see Moment: 'Whipping it' in the movie, er, 'Whip It'. Which also features some of my other favourite actresses/comediennes (Wiiiiig!!).


She sports one of the most beautiful wry-smiles I've ever seen. She was hilarious and amazing on SNL, and therefore hilarious and amazing in real life.
She seems to know what she wants in life, at least as far as the movie roles she accepts, and is about as far removed from her 'Hollywood' peers (Lohan, et al) as it's possible to get, which can only be a good thing.
Probably more likely to be found at a Broken Social Scene gig than some sleazy LA club.
I'd love to spend a day with her exploring the museums and galleries of some city, or maybe jamming out on some 80s-era synths, or just kicking back watching a Seinfeld marathon....

No stalker.

Call me??!


LOOKS: 9.6

We have a new top 'Hot Trump'!!

Right after I finished this post I discovered the Google/YouTube 'Search Stories' feature.  With memories of Ellen still running around my head, and fully expecting somebody to take legal action, I made this:

#30 - Kari Byron

Full Name: Kari Elizabeth Byron
D.o.B.(+/- Pea): 18/12/74 (+10)
Nationality: American

Character Ref: Her beautiful, intelligent, charismatic self!
Notes: The ultimate geek-girlfriend??  She's an artist by trade, but is best known for her role as one of Discovery Channel's 'MythBusters'.  She's married and just gave birth to a daughter (2009).
Must-see Moment: THAT Diet Coke & Mentos FHM shoot.  Incidentally, a similar scene was observed all over the world after the issue's release, as thousands of teenage geeks brains simultaneously erupted through their various face holes.....

LOOKS: 7.9
WIFEABILITY: 5.0 (Married. And she's a vegetarian.  DEALBREAKER.)