#30 - Kari Byron

Full Name: Kari Elizabeth Byron
D.o.B.(+/- Pea): 18/12/74 (+10)
Nationality: American

Character Ref: Her beautiful, intelligent, charismatic self!
Notes: The ultimate geek-girlfriend??  She's an artist by trade, but is best known for her role as one of Discovery Channel's 'MythBusters'.  She's married and just gave birth to a daughter (2009).
Must-see Moment: THAT Diet Coke & Mentos FHM shoot.  Incidentally, a similar scene was observed all over the world after the issue's release, as thousands of teenage geeks brains simultaneously erupted through their various face holes.....

LOOKS: 7.9
WIFEABILITY: 5.0 (Married. And she's a vegetarian.  DEALBREAKER.)

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