#38 - Talulah Riley

Full Name:  Talulah Jane F. R. Riley-Milburn (yeah I'm not saying that...)
D.o.B.(+/- Pea): 26/9/85 (-1)
Nationality: English
Character Ref: Marianne (The Boat That Rocked)
Notes: Standard middle-English privileged actress fare - born in Hertfordshire; father was former head of the National Crime Squad, now works as a screenwriter and has written for The Bill.  Attended schools with names like 'Haberdasher's Aske's School For Girls'.  Studied maths, physics & economics via Open University.  now married to the 40-year-old founder of PayPal.  In the vein of Mrs Merton, I wonder what first attracted her to multi-billionaire Elon Musk.....
Must-see Moment: I must admit, the only thing I've seen her in is The Boat That Rocked; she also played a blonde projection in Inception, but I was too busy having my mind blown by Nolan's masterpiece to notice.  She's also appeared in such travesties as 'St Trinians 2: The Legend of Fritton's Gold', and Doctor Who.  Something about her in that 60s getup in 'Boat' however really grabbed me.  That was a style and a half.  Shame we can't go back.  Great lips.

LOOKS: 7.3

#37 - Carey Mulligan

Full Name:  Carey Hannah Mulligan
D.o.B.(+/- Pea): 28/5/85 (-1)
Nationality: English
Character Ref: Kathy H (Never Let Me Go)
Notes: Mother is from Llandeilo in West Wales.  Due to her father's job, lived in expensive hotels for eight years whilst growing up.  Was rejected by three drama schools on her UCAS form.  Temporarily dated Shia "nonononono" LaBeouf.
Must-see Moment: When she lost the love of her life to the ultimately inferior Keira Knightley in Never Let Me Go, I wished I'd been written into the book to be the comforting best friend.  I would totally complete for her (no innuendo).

LOOKS: 9.2 (the .2 are for her dimples)

#36 - Emily Blunt

Full Name:  Emily Olivia Leah Blunt
D.o.B.(+/- Pea): 23/2/83 (+1)
Nationality: English
Character Ref: Elise Sellas (The Adjustment Bureau)
Notes: Discovered by an agent while attending a 6th Form college in Surrey.  Her father is one of the highest-profile barristers in the UK; her paternal uncle is a conservative MP for Reigate.  Used to date Michael BublĂ© (got a lotta love for ol' Mickey Bubbles); now married to Jim "Big Tuna" Halpert from the US version of the Office, John Krasinski.
Must-see Moment: The archetypal English Rose seemed to start off playing bit-parts in US movies, usually as the annoying receptionist or mental best friend - strangely less attractive in those....  But I found her pretty darn hot as a ballet dancing smart-arse in 'The Adjustment Bureau', a film which my friend Andy described as "...a challenging film that makes you ask deep questions, such as 'who that?', 'what's happening?' and 'Eh?!'..."

LOOKS: 8.5 (just look at that photo...wow.)