#35 - Katherine Heigl

Full Name: Katherine Heigl
D.o.B.(+/- Pea): 24/11/78 (+6)
Nationality: American
Character Ref: She's only really played one character....
Notes: She's the girl all girls can associate with.  Apparently.  Started her career as a child model.  Raised a in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  Hopes to "...find [her] way back to Mormonism when [she] gets older and a little less selfish."
Must-see Moment: Any of the films where she plays a loveable but luckless-in-love thirtysomething who just wants to meet the man of her dreams and settle down.  She's basically a female me in 10 years.  Strangely, although she is breathtakingly beautiful, it's a kind of 'quiet pretty' that it's taken me a few chick-flicks to fully appreciate.  I don't wanna oversell her; she's an easy 7 but a potential 8.  I can't believe I typed that.  What kind of shallow chauvinist have I become?!!

LOOKS: 7.9

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