*Special* #39 - Emma Stone

Full Name:  Emily Jean Stone
D.o.B.(+/- Pea): 6/11/88 (-4)
Nationality: American
Character Ref: Olive Penderghast (Easy A)
Notes: Born & bred in Arizona before moving to LA to pursue an acting career aged only 15.  Went up against Hayden Pantie.....Panettie........Pantenne.....the cheerleader from Heroes but (obviously) didn't get the gig.  Quite glad she didn't as she's proven her acting talents fly far higher than TV standards (sorry, TV, but everyone's already saying it behind your back, at least I have the guts to tell it to your face....).  Is soon to play Spidey's first love Gwen Stacey in the upcoming hip reboot, entitled "500 Days Of Spidey".  While it's common knowledge how big a fan I was/am of MJ Parker, I do believe my allegiances may change upon the films release as it's quite safe to say I am crushing HARD on Emma Stone right now....
Must-see Moment: Any of them. Breathtakingly pretty in pretty much ANYTHING, but might I suggest watching her dance around her room all weekend singing 'Pocket Full Of Sunshine' in Easy A?

LOOKS: 9.5

Ladies and gentlemen - we have a NEW TOP HOT TRUMP!!!!!


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